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Thanks and Appreciation

Wild Photo Awards - Highly Commended Q3,Q4 2022

Cape Cod Art Center - Exhibited at "The National" 2023

Cape Cod Art Center - Exhibited at "Black & White" Online Exhibition 2023

Rockport Art Association & Museum - Exhibited at "Grassroots"  2023

Camelback Gallery - Bronze "All Animals 2023"

Fusion Art - 4th Place 8th Annual"Waterscapes" Online Exhibition

Shoot the Frame 2023 July & August"Wild" Winner

Cape Cod Art Center - Exhibited at "For the Love of Color" Online Exhibition 2023

Fusion Art - 9th Annual "Leaves & Petals"  Exhibition 2023 - Honorable Mention

Photocrowd - 1st Place "Butterflies" September, 2023 

Southeast Center for Photography - Contemporary Landscape Online Exhibit

Shoot the Frame 2023 September Finalist

35 Awards "Wild Animals with Offspring" 9th, "Best of Contest"


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